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L'autre collectif/dEt Andre kollektivet
collectif de musique franco-norvégien




photo : Emil Aftret

booking :

Sigrid Aftret - Saxophones 

Sol Léna--Schroll - Saxophones 

Joel Ring - Violoncelle

Magnus Breivik Løvseth - Tuba

Tore Ljøkelsøy - Batterie

Through an atypical instrumentation, Bêl seeks to create a sonic proposition freed from the traditional boundaries of jazz. By integrating elements of serialism and spectralism with a strong yet flowing rhythmic foundation, Bêl merges improvisation and composition into a collective process. The habitual musical roles are redefined, and the five instrumentalists participate in creating an unique sound, taking the listener to an ebullient musical journey.

UPcOMING concerts

•01/11 Stereo, BERGen

•02/11 Ingensteds, Oslo

•06/11 Dokkhuset, trondheim

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